Summer Social Groups at Therapy at The Zone

If you’ve been looking for social group therapies for your child, we highly recommend the therapists at Therapy at The Zone. They are located at 10371 Stella Link Rd., 2nd Floor, Houston, TX 77025. Their location is easily accessed by taking Highway 90 into the city.

All the groups are run by amazing Occupational and Speech therapists with years of experience working with various special needs. Check out the many groups they will be doing this summer and see if there’s something that may benefit your child. We’ve posted all of their flyers bellow for more detailed information about each group.

  • Feeding Group
  • Handwriting Camp (Weekly sessions by grade level)
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Older School Age Social Group (2nd grade and older)
  • Pre-K Group
  • School Age Social Group