About Us


Meet the Lees!

Hello and welcome to We Rock the Spectrum Sugar Land! I am Margaret Lee and my husband is Edmond Lee. We are the owners and we are so excited to bring We Rock the Spectrum to the community!

We are parents to two amazing kids, Madeline and Jaxson. Our special needs journey began when our daughter was 2 years old. She was diagnosed with autism and then later on at age 4, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Maddy inspires us. She has continuously risen to the challenges life has thrown at her. As parents of a child on the spectrum and with ADHD, we have learned that it’s all about your circle of support, the small victories, and that all the time spent in therapists’ waiting rooms are worth it.  Her younger brother, Jaxson, is probably the biggest supporter and advocate for his older sister. He adores her and is always a trooper when he has to sit in those waiting rooms with mom.

We are very blessed to have a great support system, from Maddy’s schools, to her therapists, special needs organizations, and our family and friends. It’s our bubble. But outside that bubble, sometimes it can be difficult for a kid to navigate through simple things like going to the playground when you don’t fit into someone’s vision of how children are “supposed to be.”

As our children grew, we didn’t realize how special it could be to have a place where they could play together and be themselves. More importantly, we didn’t realize how wonderful it could be to have a place where parents didn’t have to defend or explain their child’s behaviors. It wasn’t until I chaperoned a school field trip with my daughter to a We Rock the Spectrum gym that I saw that such a place existed. My first visit to a We Rock the Spectrum gym, I immediately wondered, “How can I be a part of this? How can I share a place in our community, outside our own personal bubbles, where all kids of all abilities can play and be themselves? ‘A place where you never have to say I’m sorry?’” We Rock the Spectrum is our answer.

Our goal is to continue the mission of We Rock the Spectrum of providing a place for children of all abilities and levels to play and grow together.

Our Gym Includes:

  • Suspended equipment with swings – for balance and vestibular treatment
  • Crash mats and crash pillows – for fun, motor planning, and strength
  • Zip line – for stress release and joint and body relaxation
  • Trampoline – for building leg and core strength
  • Indoor play structure – for climbing and increasing playground skills
  • Sensory-based toys – for improved auditory processing and fine motor skills
  • Fine Motor and Arts and Crafts Area – for improved hand-eye coordination