Meet our Superhero, MICAH!

Meet our friend, Micah! He is our superhero and we’re so proud to know him! His Super Mom sent us his story. Thank you, mom, for sharing Micah with us!

"My little superhero’s name is Micah and he is 5 years old! He was labeled autistic at age 3. He was a peanut in my tummy and at our 20 week anatomy scan we knew something wasn’t right but the doctors weren’t sure. He was born at 36 weeks with an extra thumb, third dimple in his back, simian crease, hernia, tongue tied, hypospadias and weighed 4 lbs 6 oz. He has had 4 surgeries to fix all of the abnormalities. Besides those things he was a normal baby and toddler and the clue that told us something wasn’t right was that his speech was delayed and we noticed some OCD like behaviors. He is currently enrolled in PPCD in LCISD and has come a long way. He will start kindergarten in August and we are super nervous about his ARD meeting next month to determine what program and support he will need. We have been to the Sugar Land Rock the Spectrum Gym twice and he absolutely loves it there so we’d love to win!"